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Young Man Seen Publicly Beating Up A Masquerade Over Money In Anambra (Video)

A young man has been filmed publicly fighting and beating a masquerade up inside a community in Anambra state.
The young man was seen fighting a masquerade
A video has emerged showing the moment a young man floored a masquerade, beating him up in public.
Masquerades are usually considered to be sacred beings who should not be touched by 'mere humans'. In some cultures, they are seen as spirits who have come up from the 'land of the ancestors' to walk among the living.
However, in this recent video, this is not the case as a young man who apparently does not see masquerades as 'sacred beings' or 'spirits' is seen fighting with one.
The incident happened in a community in Anambra state. The unidentified young man is seen beating up the masquerade as people watch on before eventually them.
Local reports show that the fighting broke out over money issues.
Watch the video below:

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