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How I Was Kidnapped, Raped And Forced Into Marriage - Woman Narrates

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A woman has made shocking revelations on how she was kidnapped, raped and forced into marriage by a man she never loved.

The woman, Omowunmi Lameed, who has been married to, Mukaila Lameed, for ten years, is now seeking for a divorce.

Omowunmi had sought for divorce on the accounts of kidnap, rape, forceful marriage and threat to life by her husband.

The plaintiff appealed to the court, if her plea for divorce was granted, to further restrain the defendant from coming to her house or work place to harass or fight her.

She told the court:

“My lord, my life is at stake. My husband is after my life and he will not rest until he sees my end.

“My husband is irrational in his reasoning and crude in his behaviour because he’s not learned or sophisticated. As a literate, I feel belittled being married to such an uncultured person.

“My lord, my husband forced me into marrying him.He’s a driver and member of the National Union of Road and Transport Workers (NURTW). He’s actually one their leaders.

“About ten years ago, he consistently made love advances at me which I constantly rebuffed because he was the last person I thought I could ever marry.

“He later sent his thugs to me. They kidnapped me one faithful evening and carried me to his house. He detained me and refused to release me or let me go.

“He forcefully had sex with me that night; he was actually the one who deflowered me.

“All attempts made by my parents to get me out of his house proved abortive because of his connections and the threat to their lives. He told them I’m married to him and that they could do nothing about it.

“I became a patent medicine seller and vowed not to have any child for him. I, therefore, took drugs to avert pregnancy any time he slept with me, but I later jettisoned this idea because as a woman time was gradually no more on my side

“My lord, my husband has made my life miserable despite his promise to shower me with love and attention.I told him I wanted to further my education but he refused because he felt threatened.

“He’s in the habit of monitoring my movements as a result of inferiority complex and always feels uncomfortable any time I’m chatting or discussing with other men. He will beat me to a pulp and sometimes lock me up at home.

“He once misbehaved and after being found guilty was put behind bars for a few years. I felt he would return home a sober man but he became rather worse.

“We had a quarrel of recent; he stopped me from going about my business and locked my shop. This has automatically brought a stress on my finance.

“He has threatened to kill me any time he sees me with the opposite sex.

“My lord, my life is at stake, I’m not safe. I pray this court to dissolve our union and grant me custody of our only child.

“My other plea is that the court restrains him from harassing or fighting me in my new apartment or shop, “she stated.

The defendant refused to make an appearance in court after being served a court summon and hearing.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Odunade dissolved their union and awarded the plaintiff custody of their child.

The defendant was mandated to give the plaintiff N5, 000 monthly as their child’s feeding allowance. He was also ordered to be responsible for his education and health care.

The court further ordered both parties to keep peace always.

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