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How To Have A Fabulous Valentine Without Spending Money

Do you want to have a spectacular Valentine’s Day celebration without spending your money? Read on to find out how to make that possible

Win a prize

This is a season of love and many people embrace the idea of giving gifts out. This happens via social media accounts or is advertised in the media. Whatever form these giveaways come in, you should follow in this trend and win something you can give to your loved one as a gift. As a man, you may win beauty products or accessories for your lady and present it to her as though you bought it. She’ll never know. Also, ladies can win watches or perfumes for their men and gift them in the same manner. This will not only save you a fortune, it will also save you the hassle of shopping for the perfect gift.

Enter all-expense paid competitions

Many companies, especially new ones, often offer all-expense paid competitions around this period as a means of getting more clients and creating awareness for their brand. It is a great idea to seize the opportunity and enter as many of these competitions as you can find. Surely, you may win one which includes an extra invite. Why not give your loved one a dream Valentine’s Day with such a romantic adventure.

Go for events

Many people have events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries on this day. If you have been invited, don’t ditch the invite. Take your loved one on the love theme of such an event and enjoy the mood and food it provides. Chances are that the host will create an atmosphere of love and romance for their event. You can eat and bask in the lovely ambience without spending a dime. Unless, of course, you decide to buy them a gift; but that shouldn’t be too expensive.

Use your coupons

If you subscribe to magazines, chances are that there are coupon cut-outs in them. Gather as many coupons as you can get from your stock of magazines and newsletters and use them to purchase something nice for your loved one. It could be a spa or massage pass, free lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant or a nice tangible gift. Whatever you get, be assured that your money doesn’t have to be spent to have a great Valentine’s Day.

Enter date competitions
Restaurants usually organise love-themed lunches or dinners as part of their civic responsibility and they may choose to seize this day. If you happen to stumble on one that has freebies of lunch or dinner, grab the chance and go for it. Find out whatever is required to get you in and do it. You could need to enter a photo contest with your partner or even a quiz or survey. Your loved one will thank you and so will your pocket.

Have a BYOB party

There may be other couples on this day who don’t have anything planned. Find out from your friends what they are spending their day on and if they don’t have plans, invite them to your house for a Valentine’s Day party. The way to save money is by having them bring their own food and drinks. This way, there is more than enough to go round, so you don’t have to spend your money in any capacity. You will also be using your house to host them, so you won’t be spending any extra funds for space.

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